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Atlanta has countless amazing business owners who are energizing the city as they are passionate about what they do, and the businesses they’ve built. While it’s been great to experience a side of each business that everyday customer’s don’t, the privilege is in the inspirational stories the business owners share with us about their entrepreneurial journey to success.

This week, we shine our spotlight on Emily Golub, the founder of Garnish and Gather. Read about her experience as an entrepreneur:


What do you wish you knew about business ownership when you first started, that you know now?

When I first started, I wish someone would have told me that at the end of the day it’s always going to be OK. I wish that someone would have told me in a way that would have gotten through to me. In the beginning, I would get very worked up and nervous or stressed about lots of situations that would come up, and as I’ve matured into a business owner, I feel like I’m able to deal with the ups and downs and the day to day life as a business owner. I think I would have been a lot happier those first few years if I had taken it all in stride a little bit more.

Who has inspired you in business and how do you stay motivated to continue pursuing your passion?

My biggest inspiration in business is hands down my parents, David and Susan. My mom and dad worked together and owned their company for many years, and I worked very close with them. They were the founders of ‘Intamcy’, the bra fit stylist. They have been a huge inspiration to me. To watch them build their own company and business has been really inspiring. It gives me passion and energy to remember hearing about rough weeks back in their business. That helped me see that I can get through this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to get into the food industry?

My advice for an inspiring entrepreneur is to network! Get to know everybody you can, even if you’re not sure why you should talk to someone. Still, take a meeting, ask them to get a coffee, learn everything you can about them, about why they are doing what they are doing, and why they love what they are doing. I think from that you can get a lot of perspective on what works and what doesn’t and it also helps to build a network of people that will help you get started down the road when you decide to launch your business.

What is the biggest or proudest moment of your entrepreneurial journey thus far?

The things that get me really excited, energized and that culminates into a proud moment are a lot of the little things. It’s primarily when we hear feedback or customer testimonials and reviews. I find that incredibly rewarding and it gives me the energy to go forward even stronger. To hear from customers that we are changing the way that they eat dinner, that they literally don’t know what they would do without us at dinner time. There are customers that have been with us three and four years that get meals from us every single week. To me, it’s a really big deal that they trust us to invite us into their kitchen to share meals with them. One customer shared with us once that she asked her daughter “What’s for dinner?”, and her daughter says, “I don’t know. What’s in the gray bag?” That’s what her daughter associates with dinner time now, and it’s really exciting and fun to be that part of people’s lives.

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