Amber Grimes, creator and founder of #PowerWomenSweat, shares moments from her entrepreneurial journey thus far and what #PowerWomenSweat means to her.

Who has inspired you in business and how do you stay motivated to continue pursuing your passion?

Everybody that I’ve worked with. I’ve worked with really great business people, and I’ve worked with some really bad business people. I learn from everything, whether it’s what to do or what not to do. I’ve gotten really great at looking at the people I’m around and taking pieces from them. I don’t idolize people and I don’t worship anybody. I just see what they are doing and look at the blue print that they’ve set up, and I take out things that work for me and leave things that don’t. Outside of people, I think books are the most important inspirators. I didn’t always read, I started about five years ago, and it’s the greatest thing that has happened to me. I wish that I had known before, but I’m also grateful to have discovered it at the time I needed it. Learning how to self-teach and be self-aware is much more important than watching people all the time because sometimes you don’t have people to watch. Everyone is not always positive. Everyone is not always doing what you are doing. Everyone doesn’t understand your thought process.

What is the biggest or proudest moment of your entrepreneurial journey thus far?

Not to be cliché, but getting to be on TV. I love TV. I’m a Netflix fanatic and just to actually see myself there on the screen and on demand was exciting for me. It was one of the only moments I got to share with my family. Whether they were near or far, everybody could turn on their TV and see me. They don’t  always get to see what I do. They barely know what I do because they don’t know what the entertainment industry is about, but everybody knows TV, so being able to have my mom see me every day was awesome.

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