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Atlanta has countless amazing business owners who are energizing the city as they are passionate about what they do, and the businesses they’ve built. While it’s been great to experience a side of each business that everyday customer’s don’t, the privilege is in the inspirational stories the business owners share with us about their entrepreneurial journey to success.

To begin Women’s History Month, we shine our spotlight on Camille, the owner of Style Consortium. Read about her experience as an entrepreneur:


What do you wish you knew about business ownership when you first started, that you know now?

When I first started, and I had a boutique for ten years, Kaleidoscope Boutique, I wish I didn’t spend as much money on advertising. We’re very lucky these days to where you can do a lot of free advertising on Instagram, Facebook, with influencers, and bloggers. It’s totally free advertisement, and it works well.


Who has inspired you in business and how do you stay motivated to continue pursuing your passion?

People who inspire me in business are people that I actually know and have seen go out and start from the beginning. There’s someone who owns a clothing line called ‘Lillipi’ when I had my boutique I bought her very first t-shirts, and now it’s a massive company. I love to work with her, and I love to see how she has grown her business. Other women in this business inspire me because it’s great to see how we juggle work, family and everything else.

What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to get into the beauty industry?

Understand that it takes time, it takes work and it’s all about relationships. It’s all about building relationships, building the trust between yourself and the client and making sure that your reputation is good.

What is the biggest or proudest moment of your entrepreneurial journey thus far?

My biggest moment thus far has just been being able to have my clients come back and tell me that the things I’ve given them have sold out in their stores, and the advice I’ve given them regarding the items they have has worked well for them. When my stores say “I love to come into your showroom because the vibe is so nice and everyone is nice, ” and when they have a great customer experience, those are my biggest moments.

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